Forum Rules and Guidelines

This page is designed to explain your responsibilities as a member of our forum. By following these rules and guidelines, we ensure that our forum runs smoothly and without problems. If you have any questions regarding these rules, do not hesitate to contact a Moderator with your question.

1. Welcome to the Fur Fetish Forum

1.a - Introduction
Welcome to the Fur Fetish Forum. This forum is for any aged 18 years or older who wishes to discuss the sensual and sexual appreciation of fur in an adult way, in terms of both behaviour and content. Please read these rules and guidelines here to ensure that you are in the right place and that your time here will be a happy one for you and everyone else. Please also read the terms of use and privacy policy statements when you join the forum: links to these are also available at the foot of each page.

2. You and Your Behaviour

2.a - Over 18s Only
By joining this forum you agree that you are 18 years of age or older and agree to adhere to the forum rules and guidelines shown here. Failure to do so may result in your account being suspended or deleted without warning – and where necessary further action followed up with the relevant authorities and your ISP.

2.b - General Behaviour Rules
You must treat other forum members, their posts and opinions with respect, even if you disagree with them. This is a diverse world and people have many differences, experiences and outlooks. Just because you feel or think a certain way, remember that you may be in a minority of one in that view. There are ways to express your differences without being rude or insulting so be civil and respectful in your posts here. We should all be adults here and should treat each other as such. Members who cannot show proper decorum and behaviour shall be assumed to be under 18 and will have their accounts deleted.

2.c - Personal Information and Privacy
This is a public forum so please do not give out or request any personal identity information in your posts here for your own personal security. That means no real or legal names, postal or email addresses, IM or messenger service IDs, telephone or mobile phone numbers. Members posting such details of other members or making such open requests of other members will have their accounts deleted.

2.d - Respect the Moderators
Respect the Moderators’ decisions and actions. They observe and act for the good of the forum community as a whole in accordance with the rules and guidelines here; Moderators are not here to satisfy a lust for power and control. If you disagree with a specific decision please contact them by Private Message (PM) or email from the email account you used to join the forum.

2.e - Questions about Rules and Guidelines
If you have any questions about these rules or guidelines, what you can or cannot post or wish to raise a complaint or problem then please contact the Moderators by PM or email from the email account you used to join the forum.

3. What You Can Do

3.a - Post Content about Fur
Make posts about real fur with a sensual or sexual context. Please ensure though that the fur featured is (a) real fur and (b) an entire garment, item or accessory or significant proportion thereof. Note that some faux or fake fur posts may be allowed if the fake/faux fur is of acceptable quality in the eyes of the Moderators; fuzzy items like poor quality fake furs or shaggy rugs will be deemed of insufficient quality. The “fur” (real or high quality fake/fur) should also be the whole or majority constituent of an item; a small furry or “fuzzy” trim on a jacket or nightgown is not a fur coat. Posts or links that fail to meet these content quality standards may be moved, edited or deleted at the discretion of the Moderators and advice and guidance given to the person who made that post.

3.b - Add to Discussions and Debate
Make intelligent conversation. This is an adult discussion forum not the “Yes – No” game so use the gift of communication. If you post a link or start or respond to a topic, tell people what the topic and link contains, or what you like or dislike about it – politely. Treat posts as conversation and not just polls for agreement or gratitude.

3.c - Behave Politely
Air your differences politely. There are ways to say that you do not like something without insulting the poster, source, target or content of a post so please learn them and use them. “Courtesy costs nothing” and often earns you more than you may realise. Swearing may have a place but not if overused or directed towards someone.

3.d - Credit Your Sources
If you post from another acceptable source then respect that original source. Other people spend lots of time, effort and money in creating, producing, distributing and even searching for material they feel others may like, so give credit where it is due.

4. What You Cannot Do

4.a - Do Not Post in a Language other than English
Do not post messages in a language other than English. We respect that there are hundreds, even thousands, of spoken and written languages around the world but we insist you stick to standard generic English here, which makes things easier for the Moderators and majority of our audience. Even for those native English speakers, please remember that some terms of phrase may not have the same meaning in other parts of the world so try to minimise the use of local or national slang. Posts made in languages other than English may be moved, edited or deleted at the discretion of the Moderators and advice and guidance given to the person who made that post.

4.b - Do Not Be Offensive
Do not post any comments of an offensive, derogatory, demeaning or discriminatory manner toward any person, persons or peoples on the basis of their race, sex, sexual orientation, gender, nationality, ethnicity and religious, political or cultural views. Overt bigotry and misogyny, blanket generalisations and blind patriotism will be strictly moderated.

4.c - Do Not Stray Off-Topic
Do not create off-topic posts and responses. This forum is designed to celebrate various aspects of the appreciation of fur and divided into areas and topic threads to help do so. Please make your posts in the appropriate area of the forum. Any post considered off-topic will be moved and may be deleted.

4.d - Do Not Make Animal Rights Posts
Do not make any posts on animal rights or ethics. There are other forums where such opinions can be discussed, for or against, but this is not the place. It is assumed that a member here is pro-fur; members making anti-fur statements will have their accounts deleted and may have their email address and IP address banned.

4.e - Do Not Post Copyrighted or Protected Material
Do not make posts, duplications of or post links to copyrighted or trade secret material (not available to the public), including any material protected by copyright, trademark or other proprietary right without the express permission of the owner of that copyright, trademark or proprietary right. The Fur Fetish Forum, its Moderators, owners or web host provider are not responsible for any infringements or violations of copyright that occur through a member’s post. Each member accepts full responsibility for all of their posts. If you are the copyright holder of such items and want your work or link removed then please contact the Moderators by PM or email. The Moderators will remove such material upon verifiable request and assist with contacting the member who posted any identified infringement.

4.f - Do Not Link to Stolen Pay Site Content
Do not post links to any members-only images or videos from any member’s only sites and pay sites, including The Love Of Fur. There are adequate forums here to discuss members-only material but those members are not permitted to post images or links to that material in this forum or replicate that material elsewhere under the terms of their membership agreements.

4.g - Do Not Post Illegal Content
Do not make posts or post links to sites that depict illegal sexual activities, including (but not limited to) underage and minors sites, incest, non-consensual sexual acts (including rape), extreme sadomasochism, bestiality and necrophilia. Do not make posts or post links to sites or material containing or suspected of containing images, videos, material or stories involving minors – defined as any person under the age of 18 or appearing to be under the age of 18 – or child pornography. Such posts and links will be deleted and members who offend may have their accounts deleted and the relevant authorities notified; this includes links to known “t.e.e.n” sites. Posts or links to other sites containing other material deemed to be “in bad taste” may be removed by the Moderators on review of context, intent and quality.

4.h - Do Not Post Spam, Sales or Marketing Posts
Do not make posts for sales, advertising, money-making or spamming purposes. This includes posts for both legal and illegal goods and services – including auction site/eBay items, genuine or replica brands, other restricted pay sites, images/videos hosted on “cash for image” sites, escorts, personal ad sites and relationship/dating services. Posts advertising items for sale on auction sites such as eBay are not allowed. Members making such posts may have their accounts deleted at the discretion of the Moderators.

4.i - Do Not Use Multiple Accounts
Do not create or post under multiple accounts. The Moderators will track member usages and IP addresses and persons abusing this rule will have all of their accounts deleted. Of course there should be no need for you to do this: just be honest with yourself and to everyone else.

4.j - Do Not Share Your Account
Do not trade, sell or share your account and login information with others. Members found doing this will have their account deleted and their IP address banned.

4.k - Do Not Impersonate Others
Do not create accounts or make posts with the intention of impersonating another person, whether a real person or well known or established fur community member.

4.l - Do Not Defraud Others
Do not make posts or links with the intention of defrauding other members and viewers or for data mining purposes. This includes revealing or collecting data on the personal identity or contact details of other members, Moderators or site owners. Members doing so will have their accounts deleted and if deemed necessary relevant authorities will be contacted.

4.m - Do Not Expect Praise
Do not expect everyone to welcome you or always enjoy your posts and links – and do not post just for applause or respect. If you are here for the admiration of others then please seek a local therapist or psychiatrist for counselling.

4.n - Do Not Pad or Bump Posts
Do not make short posts or responses just to "pad" or "bump" a post. Repeated padding of the forum through posts just saying “thanks!” or “love that pic!” add nothing to a discussion and may result in your post being deleted. Repeated bumping of posts may lead to your account being suspended or deleted.

4.o - Do Not Post Contact Advertisements
Do not make posts looking to find other fur fetishists or arrange social or sexual meetings. This is not a dating or personal ads site and so few people actually bother to meet other online fur contacts offline that you would be best spending your time and resources looking elsewhere. Please either join a proper adult/fetish contact site or go out and meet people in real life.

4.p - Do Not Use Banned Words and Phrases
Do not use certain banned words or phrases in your posts or links, or post links to banned websites or source. The list of prohibited sites and sources for links will be regularly monitored.

5. Administrator and Moderator Rights

5.a - Moderation of Posts, Content and Membership Accounts
The Moderators may edit, change, move and remove the content, subject or links of posts and threads and delete and block member accounts in their duties of moderating and administering the forum within these guidelines and common sense.

5.b - Moderation of Illegal Activity and Abusive Behaviour
The Moderators and site owners may notify a member’s ISP and any relevant authorities if that member’s actions are deemed illegal or sufficiently harmful, damaging, threatening or inflammatory to another individual member or group, be they other members, Moderators or the site owners.

5.c - Changes to Rules and Guidelines
The Moderators may change the forum rules and guidelines at any time. All changes will be detailed in the Rules as displayed and any immediate effect to existing members will be communicated.

6. Summary

6.a - A Final Reminder
This forum is free for you to use and enjoy but only if everyone reads, understands, respects and follows the rules and guidelines. If you are here to make contributions and are polite then we wish you welcome and hope your time here will be happy, lengthy, informative and inspiring. Please help the moderators and administrators in keeping good decorum so the forum and our shared knowledge can grow for everyone’s benefit. Work with us, and we will work with you.