FurCreamer Story: Tommy's Adventures in Public

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FurCreamer Story: Tommy's Adventures in Public

Postby furcreamer » Sun Jan 04, 2015 11:43 pm

Tommy (of Tommy's Adventures in Fur Submission) returns in a short story of what you should definitely not do when standing behind someone wearing a large chinchilla coat on the street.

Disclaimer: This story features female/male action, with all participants of legal age to do whatever it is they're doing wherever it is they are doing it.

Disclaimer: This story includes cumming on fur. If this is not your "thing," don't read it (or absolutely any other story I post). Extras this time: public, "non-cons" action, which you should not attempt to replicate in the real world.

Tommy's Adventures in Public
-by FurCreamer

Tommy nodded, a little down and to the left, the official 'heads-up' to the crew. The guy working the digital camera dropped and pulled back slightly, framing the platinum blonde in the enormous blue fox coat and the end of Tommy's cock in the shot just as the first heavy streak of jizz blasted into her left cheek, rolled past her ear, and ended in a sloppy white puddle against the high curve of the coat's fluffy collar.

The bimbo in the glittery pink makeup kept pumping like a champ, rubbing the cuffs of the blue fox fur coat up and down the massive, veiny pole as more thick spurts followed in nearly piss-like streams. The hard white streaks left wet piles of goo on her forehead, hair, and nose before shooting over and over into the thick, soft fur collar. The rich black highlights on this coat left no doubt as the sheer amount of glossy white ooze splattering across it. The heavy spurts left chunky blobs clustered against the fine pelts in tight, ever-widening streaks.

Tommy's orgasm lasted fifteen shots before finally slowing to a creamy ooze that slathered the fur cuffs through which it continued thrusting. The blonde's left eye was lost under a mound of thick stingy goo, along with most of her forehead, nose, and cheek. The steaming mass did not spare the bleached locks, which sagged under the weight of fresh spunk. The huge collar of the blue fox coat drew the worst, coated with a heavy set of white strings and blobs cutting through the rich dark hairs and settling deeply towards the leather.

A final loop of fluid flipped from the end of Tommy's cock and landed on the front of the coat. Slowly the cuffs pulled away, tangled by small, translucent strings of the potent semen clinging to the fur before finally snapping as the distance grew too great.

The blonde licked her lips, pulling in some of the slick, white cock-sludge that landed around them, gazing with her one open eye directly into the camera as she stroked the still stiff, wet organ with her right hand. The long, veiny white shaft jumped a bit as the edges of the fur cuff teased it.

The camera pulled in tightly to capture every inch of her drenched features and the huge mess of spooge on the blue fox collar. She held up her arms, putting the semen-streaked cuffs on display before slowing rising on her stiletto heels and showing off the toned, silicone-enhanced body underneath the coat and walking towards a nearby door.

No one yelled "cut" but Tommy knew he was done for the moment. A second crew would follow "Loni" into the small upscale shopping mall and film her walking around "casually" with his load stuck to her face and the fur.

This was the boldest attempt yet, as previous scenes were shot using only cum on the furs, not the girl's face as well. Tommy felt a little regret "wasting" part of his load on her face, but he admitted hosing her down felt good. Probably why he got a few extra spurts out of that last pop. The director would likely congratulate him later, but he was off following Loni outside to finish the shoot.

Over the past few weeks he'd shot his custard-thick jizz bombs on sables, lynx, chinchillas and a few foxes, hitting the backs, sleeves, collars, cuffs, and fronts, all to be "modeled" in public shortly thereafter by some smoking hot plastic porn starlet like Loni. He'd worked with a few of them before, but for the most part they were interchangeable. These shoots were all about the wardrobe after all.

For now enjoyed a few congrats from the rest of the small crew while using a sable hat to clean off his cock. He used the lining and not the fur, knowing where the alternative might lead. He had another shoot tomorrow and needed to keep his balls working on a refill. Tomorrow was the "big day" after all.

It was hunting time.

* * *

After months of filming in the small ski-resort town, the crew was familiar with the habits of the upscale shoppers. For a town of less than five-thousand permanent residents, it boasted seven fur salons, all reliant on the seasonal shopping habits of the rich and famous.

While setting up street shots the crew carefully screened a few locations for their ultimate goal: a public spunking.
Tommy stood near the chosen location, idly fiddling with his smartphone so as not to attract too much attention. The small alcove near one of the local salons was empty at the moment. Covered by an awning, the team noticed it was used by some of the nearby fur salon customers when waiting for their drivers to bring cars around from a nearby lot.


The single phrase slipped through the earpiece and sent a charge through his body. Tommy strolled in a manner he hoped was suitably “casual” towards the alcove. Likewise, exceedingly casually, he leaned against the brick wall below the awning, flipping through random apps on his phone, like any other self-possessed pedestrian these days.


That phrase sent another, far stronger charge through his body. Not quite so strong as the one that followed when she rounded the corner.

About average height for the heels on her leather boots, the blonde wore sunglasses and a head scarf. Tommy did his finest side-glance as she approached, trying not to stare. He shifted his posture as the length of his erection started to push down the right leg of his jeans. Despite the "incognito" head gear, Tommy felt a flash of recognition, but there was no time to dwell as she turned to face the street.

No matter, the coat more than took over his attention. The finely woven blocks of chinchilla hardly moved in the low, chilly breeze. The coat swayed just over the heels of her boots, and would drag the street if she took them off. A large collar folded across her shoulders and mid-way down her back. It was large, very large, large enough that...

She reached back, grabbed the collar and flipped it up, neatly securing the hood over her head. Tommy's cock almost tore through his jeans. Not only was the huge chinchilla fur coat hooded, it would block the owner's peripheral vision. It was pretty much asking for it.

Well, "pretty much."

"Go-go-go" the voice in his earpiece confirmed.

Tommy's free hand descended slowly, and carefully, opened the fly on the specially tailored jeans. His massive erection made fishing it from his jeans somewhat tricky, but he certainly couldn't ask for better motivation.

The long vein-streaked expanse of his cock now free, he quickly began pumping. This wasn't some contrived movie scene, no foreplay or twenty minutes of random position changes, just the money shot. The surge he felt in his balls looking at the back of the full length chinchilla fur coat on a public street meant he didn't have to wait long.

Tommy took a step forward as the first surge of spooge blasted past his foreskin towards the back of the black/grey expanse of fur. The shot traced a thick white arc across the middle of the coat. Tommy grit his teeth, knowing silence was golden as he suppressed the hearty grunt in the back of his throat. All concentration fell on the fur in front of him, and the unsuspecting owner inside it.

The second and third pops hit high, more powerful jets than the first, cutting thick white streaks of his thick load up between her shoulders, topping out on the back of the wide fur hood.

Tommy didn't stop, pumping hard and sending three more blasts up and down the back of the chinchilla coat. His chunky spurts clung to the short fur like big beads of glue crossing the square pelts in ragged lines. He suddenly had a burst of terror that the force of the explosive blasts would be felt by the sleek blonde. This sudden spike of emotion only shot his already danger-heightened orgasm into higher gear.

Four more shot up the back of the coat and onto the hood, the last so strong it landed on the crown of the hood. Tommy found it harder and harder not to make a sound as what was likely the most powerful orgasm he'd ever experienced continued. The slimy wads of cock-snot built up in thick white stripes on the back of the chinchilla. His cock felt raw from the pumping but it didn't matter, it all needed to hit that fucking hot, super-expensive fur coat.

It slowed a thick ooze, and Tommy resisted the urge to wipe it on the back of the coat. He stepped back against the wall and, with some effort, managed to get his slowly softening erection back into his jeans. It seemed like forever, but the entire process had lasted just under a minute. That was pushing it, Tommy knew. The crew timed how quickly it took cars to arrive from the lot up the block to make this work. Any number of things could change that, so there was no time to linger.

Sure enough, a limo pulled around the corner just as Tommy fastened his fly and once more stared down at his phone.

The results of his orgasm clung to the coat, impossible to miss. The driver wasn't paid to notice, so he simply opened the rear door and she got in. Tommy figured the first thing to give it away would be the smell. Outside in the breeze it probably wasn't noticeable. That would change as she was driven away. He wondered what the little rich girl would think when it hit her.

She was probably no stranger to the scent anyway.

"Got it."

With that confirmation in his earpiece, Tommy strolled away, still staring at his phone.

* * *

Strange news out of Hollywood tonight. Sources tell us actress Jennifer Lawrence filed a report with the local police that her new fur coat was "vandalized". No details were forthcoming, but she apparently made it clear it was not the work of animal rights activists. Police will only say they have ample DNA evidence with which to investigate the crime. Miss Lawrence declined all comment.

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