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This forum area is only for fashion/clothed/non-nude content of women in and with fur. Please follow the Forum Rules and only post the relevant content in this area.
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Posting guidelines for Fur Fashion News

Postby mrmockle » Mon Jun 03, 2013 11:40 am

What is this area for?

This area of the forum is all about women in fur fashion. Feel free to post here about women in fur in a fashion, commerical advertising, design, blogging or candid/"street" context, from clothed through to teasing but non-explicit material.

Do read and follow the general forum rules and guidelines in your posts.

Also, before you post, consider if your post is relevant to this topic or should go in another forum area: such as for women in an explicit context, couples/groups, men, tgirls or fashion/celebrity related.

Other that that: have fun! If you have any questions then ask a Moderator, either by private message or in the Help and Support forum area.

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